Road Cleaning

First-rate Power Sweeping Services

Industrial Specialised Services is your local source for complete commercial power sweeping in Melbourne.We’ve been in business since 1988 to provide power sweeping services for industrial floors, roads, streets, car parks, building sites and more.

We’ve always used the latest equipment to provide thorough and lasting cleaning services for all our commercial customers. This contributes greatly to our work being so efficient—we’re definitely not one of those cleaning companies that uses ancient, inefficient equipment.

Power Sweepers Designed for Efficiency

Our power sweepers are designed to power sweep all dust, dirt and debris leaving your floors beautifully clean. They also vacuum,filtering the air to return it clean and leave your establishment with a dust-free environment.

Our power sweeping machines are available seven days a week for a casual or regular power cleaning service. We’re very happy to be providing the most cost-effective and efficient power sweeping services on the market.

Our road sweeping services are reliably available as a one-off service or can be arranged to occur on regular basis. Because every business is different, we make sure to always cater to whatever is the most simple and convenient approach for you.

We don’t mind what the size of your business is as well, and won’t prioritise big jobs over small jobs. All of our customers are of the same high importance to us. No job is too big or small for our experienced team!

Our road sweepers are available at short notice seven days a week anywhere in Melbourne or the surrounding suburbs. So, any urgent matters can be addressed very quickly for maximum convenience.

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Industrial Specialised Services also offer other services, such as high-pressure cleaning and power scrubbing, ensuring complete cleaning solutions are available to you. Contact us to speak to our friendly staff and find out more about our services.