End of Lease Make-Goods

ISS has the expertise to bring your warehouse or factory back to meet your Landlords requirements. This may mean the cleaning of ceilings and walls, both inside or out. Refreshing line markings or the removal of same. The power cleaning of floors and outside areas. We are only a phone call away. So please do not hesitate to call for a free no obligation quotation.

Warehouse Safety Line Marking

Warehouse safety line markings and are extremely important steps in ensuring the safety and security of your staff. We will identify safe walkway routes, hazards and workplace dangers for you thereby reducing the number of potential hazards conforming to Worksafe requirements.

Safety line markings and signage should be clearly painted and well-maintained to ensure the highest level of safety is achieved. Industrial Specialised Services offers a safety line marking and road signage service in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

Conform to all Work, Health & Safety rules with clear safety line markings and signage. Our company offers safety lines, walkways, pedestrian logo, forklift logos, stencilling, pedestrian crossings, and hatched areas as required.

Warehouse Power Floor Sweepers

Our floor sweepers are designed to power sweep warehouses removing all dust, dirt and debris to ensure your floor is left beautifully clean.

At ISS, we use the latest warehouse sweeping equipment available. Our power floor sweepers not only sweep the area but vacuums it as well, filtering the air to return it clean and leave your establishment with a dust-free environment.

Our power floor sweepers are available seven days a week for a casual or regular warehouse sweeping service. We’re able to provide the most reliable, cost-effective warehouse sweeping on the market. Prolong your warehouse pavement and floor coating’s life with our quality warehouse sweeping.

Warehouse Power Scrubbing

Our power scrubbing machines scrub with abrasive brushes and industrial cleaning solutions, leaving your floor gleaming clean and dry.

The Power Scrubber applies a cleaning solution, agitates the floor surface with cylindrical brushes to loosen and pull up the dirt, and then recovers the dirty wash water, via the rear squeegees, all in a single pass.

Our ride-on power scrubbers provide superior floor cleaning for any kind of warehouse.

Warehouse High Pressure Cleaning

Warehouses can often have a problem in outdoor spaces such as driveways and patios where inclement weather plays havoc with the paving or concrete.

Using a special high pressure cleaning method known as high pressure water blasting, we can clean off walls, floors, patios, overhead pipes, driveways and other warehouse areas with pressurized jets of water, leaving surfaces pristine and free from dust, dirt and debris. Contact us for more on our company’s superior high pressure cleaning services.

Warehouse Floor Sealing

Warehouse floors can be an expensive part of any building and takes a huge amount of abuse from daily comings and goings of people and moving of forklifts and other machinery spillage or the like.

To make the most of your floor it is best to protect it. The most effective way to prolong the life of your floor, control dust and cleaning, keeping it in good condition is to apply a floor sealant.

Whether it is a coloured or clear system, we apply the best floor sealant for your needs. This floor sealing process will protect your floors and your working environment from damage and save you money in the long term.

Contact us For Warehouse Floor Cleaning in Melbourne

Our company is committed to providing the best high pressure cleaning, warehouse sweeping and floor cleaning services throughout Melbourne. For more information on any of our floor cleaning services simply contact our team on (03) 9793 1788.